April 1, 2022

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A timeline of the major events that happened yesterday, using footage shared on social media.

Analysis by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne Edited by Aisha Nazim Translated by Mohammed Fairooz & Nishadi Gunatilake

The beginning

At 6:00pm yesterday, a protest began near Jubilee Post, Mirihana.


By 8:00pm the protest was growing. Large crowds were joining the protest on foot, with increasing support from motorists.




By 9PM, the protest spread along Pengiriwatte Road, where the President’s house is.

The turning point

By 10:00pm the protest was still growing.

As best as we can make out, this is when the violence begins. At 10:10pm, police launch tear gas at the protestors.

Footage from different parts of the protest show different things happening — on one side, people are chanting slogans, on the other, they’re dismantling barricades. Then we have footage of tear gas being deployed, as water cannon trucks seemingly barge into Mirihana junction and begin firing at the sides of the road.




Protesters on the road apparently scatter and regroup to take on a tear gas truck. There’s a lot of men in helmets throwing stuff at it.